10/05/2024          JRC|ALPHATRON               Notice: GPS Week Number Rollover for equipment 2024

01/02/2024         YDK TECHNOLOGIES                        YDK’s recommendation for periodical replacement of the Rotary encoder and Auto pilot system Relays

01/01/2024          JRC|ALPHATRON               New VHF Regulation – IMO Circ.1/1460 Rev.4 and Belgium PTT letter

01/12/2023         YDK TECHNOLOGIES                        Announcement of YDK discontinued products and service parts

02/02/2023          JRCS               Discontinuation of old type of AMS + ACB and PMS

17/01/2023         YOKOGAWA                        Precautions when removing the sensor of EM Log system : Jan. 10, 2023 Revised

12/01/2023         JRC|ALPHATRON              New VHF Regulations

17/10/2022          JRCS               Discontinuation of 4 Engine Monitor Systems and Successor Systems

21/03/2022         IMO NEW REGULATION | EPIRB, VDR FFC              New regulations from July 2022

21/01/2022         JRC|ALPHATRON              VDR JCY -1000/1700/1700S/1800/1850/1900/1950, Battery’s/UPS

10/01/2022         JRC|ALPHATRON              Notice: GPS Week Number Rollover for equipment for 2022

28/04/2021          JRCS               Discontinuation of Production of Mitsubishi Electric AB-SEP Low-voltage Air Circuit Breakers

02/12/2020          JRCS               Technical Support Termination for Mitsubishi Electric AE-SS Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

06/02/2020         JRC|ALPHATRON              JRC Discontinued products and alternatives

12/06/2018         JRC|ALPHATRON              Notice: GPS Week Number Rollover for equipment

27/01/2017         YOKOGAWA                        Notice Regarding Discontinuation of Service Parts for Old Models-2 (Jan 17 2017)

01/10/2016         YOKOGAWA                        Periodical Replacement of Potentiometer(s) on Autopilot System Model…