EML-900 | new Flat type sensor Electromagnetic Log

EML-900 | new Flat type sensor Electromagnetic Log

EML900 series:  the next generation of electromagnetic log by YDK.

EML900 (successor of EML500) : High-performance electromagnetic log using a next-generation master indicator. The new EML900 has been successfully adapted with a new operation unit, fully conforming and following test standards, improving safety, usability and extensibility.

New Operation unit :
– High visibility and enhanced man-machine interface by 3.5-inch color display
– Easy adjustment of speed indication

The electromagnetic log measures speed through water (STW) from the flow of water at the bottom of the ship and calculates the total distance of navigation. EML900 can be adapted for use from small to large vessels.

There are two types of sensors available: single-axis (fore-to-aft) and dual-axis (fore-to-aft and starboard-to-port) and, variations of sea valve for each ship’s bottom conditions.

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