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JRC Ecdis success in Greece



The Greeks, more than any other people in the world have been mariners without interruption throughout history. At 100 years old, JRC also has a comparable history in the field of marine electronics, something that the great shipping nation of Greece recognizes now more than ever how JRC is putting trust and reliability into products like no one else. This could be why the JRC ECDIS is the preferred choice of many shipping companies today. 

With new mandates and especially for retrofitting projects, cost effective choices are typically made. Many owners have already chosen one JRC ECDIS at the new building stage over the last few years. Not only are they choosing now to install a second ECDIS to sail paperless, but with the ECDIS mandate for existing tankers coming into effect this year, we are seeing something entirely different in Greece. Choosing for quality, reliability and total cost of ownership above any other aspect and priority.


It is a great pleasure of Space Electronis to be a part of this success and we would like to thank you all for your support.


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