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NAVTOR Admiralty

  NAVTOR simplified AVCS service Click to download brochure

 NAVTOR distributes the Admiralty Vector Chart Servce (AVCS) using the NAVTOR NavStick instead of the traditional CDs/DVDs.

NavStick is a unique solution that simplifies the procedure of ordering , installing and updating UKHO electronic charts and services like Admiralty Infromation Overlay (AIO)

  Admiralty Information Overlay
 AIO The Admiralty Information Overlay is a digital data set that is designed to be displayed over ENCs in ECDIS and other chart display systems to provide additional information to the navigator.

The Overlay contains all Admiralty Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and provides additional preliminary information that is specific to ENCs, such as reported navigational hazards that have been incorporated on paper charts but have not yet been included in ENCs.

  Admiralty Total Tide
Admiralty Total Tide  The world's most comprehensive tidal prediction program provides fast, accurate tidal height and tidal stream predictions. The software automates the prediction process, reduces the possibility of user error and provides an easy means of viewing both underkeel and safe overhead clearances. It contains tidal information for over 7,000 ports and more than 3,000 tidal stream stations worldwide. It is now accepted in place of the paper tide tables as carriage compliant by a large (and growing) number of flag states.
  Admiralty Digital List of Lights
List of lights  The Admiralty Digital List of Lights (ADLL) provides light and fog signal information for more than 70,000 unique light structures worldwide. Users can get weekly updates by email and CD or access the information online as soon as it becomes available. It is now accepted in place of the paper version by a growing number of flag states.
  Admiralty Digital Radio Signals
Radio Signals  Admiralty Digital Radio Signals Volume 6 (ADRS6) provides maritime radio communications information for pilot services, vessel traffic services and port operations worldwide. More than 3000 service locations are updated quickly and efficiently via email or CD every week. Now accepted in place of the paper version by a growing number of flag states. It is sold as one of the programs available within the Admiralty Digital Publications package. You can buy as many programs in the package as you need, as and when you need them.
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